Lucena Research to integrate InsiderInsight data and research

Source: Lucena Research

Lucena Research, a leading provider of investment decision support technology, announced today that it has partnered with InsiderInsights to integrate its insider information data and research feed into Lucena's QuantDesk Price Forecaster and QuantDesk Event Analyzer.

The integration combines InsiderInsights' unique data feed and insider activity scoring with Lucena's predictive model-based data analytics to help investors uncover actionable trading opportunities.

InsiderInsights has programmed a value-added insider data stream that provides more accurate investment intelligence. For example: demarcating when option-related purchases are sold in part, or not at all; identifying 10b5-1 programs and restricted stock grants, and removing distracting noise from the data. InsiderInsights' subsequent scoring of insiders' behavior takes into account a stock's price action, incorporates the full range of insiders' statistical returns, and other proprietary behavioral factors.

QuantDesk™ incorporates InsiderInsights data into its existing fundamental and technical data indicators in order to form a statistical price forecasting and confidence measures for the underlying stocks. QuantDesk™ helps users identify market opportunities through quantitative analysis and statistical forecasting. Lucena's customers will be able to monitor and qualify insiders' activity, adding another dimension to its predictive models for share price movements and other market opportunities.

"Lucena is committed to working-hand-in-hand with independent proprietary data providers and to give our clients the most comprehensive and meaningful data they need to discover and capitalize on trading opportunities when they become available," said Erez Katz, Co-Founder and CEO of Lucena. "We believe that a successful quantitative-based investment strategy must include both quality data coupled with computational technology that helps clients extract meaningful and actionable intelligence from that data. I am confident that this approach in conjunction with sound investment practices will yield the best investment results."

"The partnership between InsiderInsights and Lucena will be a boon for our clients who take advantage of it," said Jonathan Moreland, Founder and Director of Research of InsiderInsights. "InsiderInsights' behavioral data stream and analysis has proven excellent at identifying a population of long and short investments that contains more winners than losers, and consistently outperforms the market as a whole. Lucena's QuantDesk greatly enhances the actionable intelligence InsiderInsights provides by overlaying critical dimensions of timing and style appropriateness. The combination of our behavioral intelligence and QuantDesk's algorithms makes final investment selection from our insider-approved universe much more obvious, and will improve our clients' longer-term performance and shorter-term trading strategies."

A pioneer in machine-learning technology, Lucena Research provides an innovative approach to trend analysis, portfolio optimization and hedging techniques. QuantDesk, its flagship product, incorporates over 200 fundamental, technical, and proprietary time series indicators to exploit market opportunities with precision, and scientifically validate and assess investment decisions. By perpetually self-adjusting its predictive model-based data analytics, QuantDesk enables hedge funds, portfolio managers and wealth advisors of all sizes to leverage quantitative research of fundamental, technical and proprietary data and incorporate statistical forecasting into their proprietary investment strategies. 

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