Harland launches cheque image exchange for Pelican National Bank

Source: Harland Financial Solutions

Harland Financial Solutions, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of John H. Harland Company (NYSE: JH), has completed the first successful image exchange for Pelican National Bank utilizing its Intrieve® Item Processing Solution.

Eight more financial institutions plan to switch to remote capture image exchange in the coming months, using the Intrieve Item Processing Solution.

Based in Naples, Florida, Pelican National Bank is a user of Harland Financial Solutions' Intrieve thrift core system, electronic banking solution, check & MICR printing solution and Laser Pro® lending software. By utilizing Harland Financial Solutions' image exchange, Pelican is now able to optimize its float and is less vulnerable to fraud. Checks are scanned by a remote capture device that may reside at a single location or at every branch. These remote capture devices create electronic images of checks. The resulting images are sent to Harland Financial Solutions' Enterprise Services Center in Orlando, where they are routed electronically through the Zions Bank Net Deposit System for truncation. Through image exchange in a remote capture environment, the bank increases funds availability while eliminating holdover.

"The passing of Check 21 legislation has given rise to the electronic exchange of check images, modernizing item processing for the banking industry," said Beth Basil, senior vice president and general manager of Harland Financial Solutions' Intrieve Systems. "While many of our competitors are merely talking about image exchange, we are operational. Our Intrieve Item Processing Solution enables financial institutions like Pelican National Bank to process and truncate checks—without the physical checks ever leaving the branch. This increases security and speeds processing."

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