Nacha opens WEB eResources centre

Source: Nacha

Today, Nacha - The Electronic Payments Association's Internet Council announced the launch of its WEB eResources Center.

The WEB eResources Center offers resources and tools to support businesses and financial institutions in implementing and using the WEB Standard Entry Class (SEC) code as an ACH payment option.

"WEB transactions are one of the fastest growing areas of Direct Payment via ACH," said Cindy Jenkins, senior director and industry analyst at NACHA. "As such, The Internet Council recognized the need for industry resources to support WEB payment options. Ultimately, the WEB eResources Center will help organizations broaden payment options for customers, realize efficiencies, mitigate risk and increase the use of electronic payment options overall."

Currently, the WEB eResources Center includes:
• The Authentication eResource, which outlines the importance of authentication and the types of technologies available for satisfying authentication needs in WEB transactions.
• The Authorization eResource, which outlines the importance of authorization in WEB transactions and provides recommendations for WEB proof of authorization practices.
• The Encryption eResource, which provides detailed information on encryption, the reasons for its use, and how it should be used in WEB transactions.

New resources and tools will be continually added to the WEB eResources Center to expand knowledge and understanding among industry stakeholders and support the effective implementation of WEB transactions. In development now are:
• The Mobile ACH Payments eResource, which offers financial institutions information to understand the value of originating WEB transactions via a mobile device as a payment method and extending the offering to corporate originators.
• The Originator Adoption Toolkit and the ODFI (Originating Depository Financial Institution) Adoption Toolkit, which aim to assist businesses and small- and medium-sized financial institutions in evaluating whether to use WEB as a payment option.

WEB transaactions are made when authorization to debit an account is given via the Internet or a wireless network. With the recent approval of the NACHA Operating Rules amendment on Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments via ACH, a credit version of the WEB SEC Code will be allowed for P2P payments, effective March 21, 2014.

The WEB eResources Center was developed by NACHA's Internet Council. The mission of the Internet Council is to advance electronic commerce over open networks by enabling digital business in a straight-through, secure and cost-effective manner. The Council's primary initiatives include the pursuit of increased security for the ACH network by improvements in encryption and authentication, the advancement of mobile payments supported by the ACH network, and a continued assessment of the use of WEB and TEL ACH entries for payments originated via the Internet and the mobile channels.

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