DeviceFidelity expands NFC patents portfolio

Source: DeviceFidelity

DeviceFidelity, Inc., the world's leading NFC and security platform provider, today announced the company has now obtained a total of 40 patents covering the innovative and streamlined product portfolio that empowers apps utilizing NFC (Near Field Communication) and security technologies.

The latest edition to DeviceFidelity's patent portfolio is Patent #ZL200880107195.2 which is now newly issued in China. The patent enables an NFC based mobile wallet implementation that uses a microSD Secure Element with credentials issued from multiple different enterprises. The growing portfolio is a testament to the company's growing success in obtaining design wins with large providers in the payment, security, mobile identity and access management space.

"DeviceFidelity is driven by a strong commitment to developing cutting edge disruptive technologies that leverage today's mobile centric world and make implementation and return on investment more effective for its customers," said Deepak Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of DeviceFidelity. "Our patent portfolio and suite of innovations provide the peace of mind to companies and institutions interested in deploying compelling consumer focused products and services that can outperform the competition."

DeviceFidelity's extensive portfolio of patents covers the implementation and management of NFC technology, security and unique miniaturization and amplification solutions on a removable module that can be attached to most smartphones. Patents such as "Interfacing transaction cards with host devices" cover the smart technology that allows for smooth integration of NFC microSD products into phones that already have NFC technology built-in. In this case, the NFC microSD provides an additional Secure Element for NFC phones that is not dependent or controlled by one particular party, thereby enabling all types of institutions to deploy their own apps directly to their consumers.

Other worldwide patents like "Selectively switching antennas of transaction cards" cover the smart software powering NFC wallets where mobile payments could be automatically disabled when certain fraud protection mechanisms are not fulfilled.

Also unique to the DeviceFidelity patent portfolio is the Intellectual property surrounding the design and functionality for an external "dongle" or accessory that can be attached to a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer that enables NFC or contactless reader functionality for apps running on such devices. This is in addition to the popular mobile wallet accessory patents that enable iOS devices like the iPhone for NFC functionality. The iPhone NFC patents were granted in the U.S., Germany, Spain, France, U.K., Hong Kong, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Turkey and is pending in additional countries.

DeviceFidelity has also patented a groundbreaking multi-chip module that packs signal amplification and miniature antenna in the industry's smallest footprint fully functional NFC device with certifiable performance equivalent to devices with much larger antennas. This revolutionary patent enables mobile devices to achieve unmatched read range performance. This key technology is implemented in the new CredenSE NFC microSD solution that is now being promoted and deployed worldwide by DeviceFidelity and its partners.

DeviceFidelity continues to dedicate their resources to develop innovative, streamlined and supportive technologies that further speeds up the adoption of NFC on the mobile platform. While today marks the 40Th patent granted for the company, DeviceFidelity currently has 50 additional patents filed at US and International Patent Offices to further the advancement, availability and deployment of NFC and secure technologies on a mobile platform.

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