Ingenico introduces biometric payment terminal

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico, leading worldwide provider of payment solutions introduces the iWB Bio Series.

Leveraging biometric authentication through mobile and secure fingerprint solution, iWB Bio Series changes the way governments and financial institutions distribute services in emerging countries.

Today, more than 2.5 billion of the world's adults remain unbanked and do not have access to basic financial services. This fact is pushing governments and financial institutions to develop financial inclusion policies towards the lowest income segments. In parallel, some countries face population identity issues that hinder ID control, voting, healthcare programs...

For both financial inclusion and government ID issues, biometric technology is the key to identifying the population and delivering the right services to the right people and iWB Bio Series is a perfect and unique platform to deploy these new channels in an efficient and cost-effective way.

iWB Bio Series is the first biometric devices combining 4 authentication factors (Chip, PIN, fingerprint verification and GPS) with a complete set of payment options (Biometrics, Magstripe, EMV Chip & PIN, Contactless and NFC). It meets the highest security standards (PCI PTS 3.1, IP65 and PIV-IQS) and embeds all wireless connectivity (GPRS-Dual SIM, Bluetooth).

With fast and strong authentication methods, an unrivaled outdoor mobility, an intuitive user experience, a service management platform for applications deployment and remote fleet management, iWB Bio Series turns to be the market leading mobile biometric solution.

"With iWB Bio series Ingenico proposes a unique solution to deploy new channels in an efficient and cost-effective way for branchless banking, micro-finance, G2P and public services. It changes the way governments and financial institutions distribute service and the promise of delivering services at the last mile comes true." says Guillaume Pascal, VP of Global Solutions Product Management and Marketing at Ingenico.

"We are happy to contribute with our partners to the deployment of key inclusion programs enhancing the way of living of the population in several countries of our EEMEA region. Ingenico has long background on biometry technology, but our first customer deployment reveals that iWB Bio series our next generation solution brings a disruptive value to the market." says Jacques Behr, EVP EEMEA at Ingenico. 

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