Burgundy brings in circuit breakers

Source: Burgundy

In connection with the Burgundy migration to Millennium Exchange, circuit breakers will be defined for a selection of instruments I the "Most traded" segments (CMT, HMT and SMT).

The limit for the circuit breaker will normally be +/- 10% from last traded price. When a circuit breaker is triggered, the instrument goes into an auction ("Re-opening the Auction Call") which lasts for one minute.

Price bands will be unchanged at +/- 50%.

The documents OSLMIT Oslo Børs and Burgundy Market Model Equities and OSLMIT Oslo Børs and Burgundy Business Parameters - Equities have been updated accordingly. Some other adjustments are also done; please see Appendix 4 in OSLMIT Oslo Børs and Burgundy Market Model Equities.

The change is implemented in the CDS environment from Thursday 18 April 2013. 

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