PayLane registered as Visa Europe merchant agent

Source: PayLane, an online payments provider, announces that it has been registered on Visa Europe Merchant Agents List.

This serves as a confirmation to e-businesses that Paylane's solutions are completely safe.

Security in online payments is essential for e-businesses selling globally and for the customers who buy their favorite products in e-shops around the world. Building an international e-commerce market, everyone is responsible for ensuring the sense of security: card issuers, payment providers, e-stores and their customers. Visa also takes steps in this direction. Fully aware of fraud transactions that take place on the Internet, Visa decided to decrease doubts and help control the risk in online payments. That's why the Merchant Agents List was created.

PayLane on Visa Europe Merchant Agent List

Merchant Agent list is a catalogue of different companies that provide payment-related services such as Payment Gateways, Payment Service Providers, Internet Payment Service Providers etc. In order to be listed in the catalogue, the company has to be compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) and be approved by Visa as a as a company that provides full protection to their customers. PayLane has just been registered on Visa Europe Merchant Agents list which means it ensures adequate levels of data security. It is another confirmation for the clients that their customers' transaction data is safe (PayLane also offers Card Data Storage - secure storing of cardholder information -, 3-D Secure, AVS, Geo IP). 

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