Scottish Building Society deploys iomartcloud e-mail filter

Source: iomartcloud

The world's oldest building society, Scottish Building Society, says email filtering from iomartcloud has ensured that the trust placed in it by its customers is reflected in the way it operates.

Scottish Building Society (SBS) focuses on careful management of members' savings and borrowings and has maintained its reputation for trust while many other financial organisations have struggled during the recent economic turmoil.

SBS operates the same policy towards protecting its customers and staff online, and credits iomartcloud's award-winning Netintelligence email filtering for turning its IT network into a spam-free zone. iomartcloud is one of the UK's leading suppliers of business critical hosted cloud services and part of cloud computing company iomart Group plc.

"We have generations of families who rely on us to safeguard their finances and this is our number one priority," says Gerry Kay, Chief Executive of the Scottish Building Society. "We could not hope to achieve this without robust and efficient email management to protect our IT network and we see this as an integral part of our customer service offering.

"In these days of financial turmoil, the Scottish Building Society is continuing to perform well, offering members a range of high quality financial services. Much of that is down to the trust, affinity and loyalty we have from our 40,000 members."

At times SBS traffic has reached 100,000 emails a month. Eighty per cent of email received is spam and with the benefit of a tailored filtering service from iomartcloud, that spam has been relegated from staff inboxes to their quarantine folders.

Gerry Kay adds, "Netintelligence as a solution provides the Society with strong defences against unwanted, destructive and illegal email content and attachments which could otherwise let vulnerabilities into the network."

Bill Strain, director of iomartcloud, says, "We work with all our clients to tailor the service to the requirements of their email policy. We help businesses reduce their risks and liabilities so all the user data is held securely in our ISO 27001 and 9001 certified data centers. This complette and unified threat protection is delivered simply and effectively through an easy-to-use web accessed control panel." 

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