Warsaw Stock Exchange completes first session with new trading platform

Source: Warsaw Stock Exchange

The first trading session using the new trading system, Universal Trading Platform (UTP), took place on 15 April 2013.

Trading proceeded correctly according to the new session schedule and the session opening and closing was uninterrupted.

During the first session, the total value of trading in shares was PLN 752.8 million and investors made 54 744 transactions in total.

Trading during the first session on the new trading system UTP proceeded correctly and according to the new session schedule: the session started at 9:00 for the cash market and at 8:45 for the derivatives market; the session closed at 17:05 on both markets.

The first session without interruptions proves that more than two years of joint efforts of the Exchange, brokerage houses and all other institutions present on the Polish capital market have brought very good results. Now we have to retain high efficiency of the system and focus our efforts on its business opportunities. I wish to thank everyone involved in the project, both at the Exchange and among the market participants, - said Adam Maciejewski, President and CEO of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

I would like to congratulate WSE on the first day of trading on NYSE Euronext's UTP. Their effort and cooperation in working with the NYSE Technologies team has been crucial to today's success in delivering a platform that supports the domestic and international strategy of WSE,- said Dominique Cerutti, President and Deputy CEO of NYSE Euronext.

At the end of the session, 1 882 instruments were listed on the WSE and WIG covered 347 companies. Total value of trading at today's session was PLN 752.8 million.

The new system UTP has replaced Warset which was in operation on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 17 November 2000. At the end of the first session using the previous trading system, the WSE listed 352 financial instruments and WIG covered 121 companies. Total value of trading was PLN 134.4 million.

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