Quincy Data chooses Enyx for CME data

Source: Enyx

Enyx is pleased to announce its FPGA solution for CME Group data feeds has been selected by Quincy Data, LLC for its industry-leading "QED" microwave-based market data service.

The QED service sources data from multiple exchanges and delivers a normalized and integrated feed to exchange matching engine colocation and proximity data centers.

Enyx's CME certified FPGA market data solution provides Quincy with wire-to-software latency of less than 1.5 microseconds (µs). This result is deterministic and includes decoding, filtering and normalization (wire-to-wire is less than 1.2µs). "We have achieved latencies impossible with software-based feed handler solutions," remarked Arnaud Derasse, co-founder and CEO of Enyx, "we are delighted to have met the exacting standards of the Quincy Data team to enable them to extend the lead as the fastest known CME market data service available in New Jersey colos."

Quincy Data, LLC leverages best-in-class technologies and providers. "We now achieve significantly improved deterministic latencies particularly during the worst bursts of market data where ENYX performs to perfection." says Stéphane Tyc, co-founder of Quincy Data, "This upgrade is part of our constant improvement process for the QED service: more data, more locations, greater determinism, lower latency, enhanced reliability."

The ENYX FPGA solution supports all major US markets and its functionality supports book building for all equities markets.

Enyx has also currently started developing a CME iLink order entry platform in FPGA. Target for certification is May and this would bring the whole CME round-trip (including market data and iLink) to less than 3 micro-s. More information is available on request. 

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