TS-Associates upgrades Correlix

Source: TS-Associates

TS-Associates, leaders in Precision Instrumentation of electronic trading systems, and developers of TipOff, Correlix and Application Tap, announces the fifth generation release of Correlix, the leading trade flow latency monitoring solution.

This major release demonstrates TS-Associates' commitment to the continuing development of Correlix, a product which TS-Associates acquired in July 2012. Correlix 5 is a milestone release offering significant business benefits including quicker issue identification and resolution, rules based calculations of risk and exposure, and extensive centralized reporting offering dynamic detailed and summary trading activity and latency metrics.

Feedback from Correlix customers, including leading US equity exchanges, brokerages and buy side traders, played an important role in the development of this release. For the future, TS-Associates plans to converge its market leading products, Correlix and TipOff, into a single integrated product suite.

Correlix 5 offers a significant boost in performance with a major re-engineering of data flow latency metrics aggregation. This enables management of a much larger number of data flow permutations and finer granularity for metrics aggregation, capabilities which are particularly relevant to large enterprise users. Other enhancements include faster UI loading time, improved operational responsiveness and significantly improved query time for data searches using criteria such as order ID, latency or time of day. Beta testing with major exchange and brokerage customers has demonstrated a 500% improvement for metrics queries in large-scale production deployments.

Correlix 5 introduces two new APIs. Firstly a new back end SDK allows customers to develop custom protocol decoders and data manipulation rules, including custom risk and exposure related calculations. Secondly a new Web Services REST API supports programmatic data extraction from Correlix, including latency metrics and per-transaction data. This in turn enables the development of customised dynamic reports and web pages populated with data from Correlix.

The new Correlix End Of Day (EOD) reporting module supports the creation and delivery of customised reports summarising daily trading activity and latency metrics. The new module performs calculations over a vast amount of data distributed across multiple Correlix collectors. Output includes precision latency statistics, percentiles and daily totals of traded volume & value. All reports are saved for historical views and for presentation of daily trends. With report generation now integrated into the core architecture of the product, a significant performance gain has been achieved compared with the previous generation of customised add-on reporting.

Henry Young, TS-Associates CEO, says, "TS-Associates has a reputation for developing products that deliver technical excellence. Our approach with Correlix is no different. This release confirms Correlix's well-deserved position as the leading trade flow monitoring solution. Our product convergence strategy will leverage the best aspects of Correlix, TipOff and Application Tap, delivering business level, technology infrastructure and software event instrumentation in a single integrated product suite."

Raymond Marra, TS-Associates COO Americas, says, "In the months since we acquired Correlix we have spent a lot of time communicating with our customers, both to understand their business requirements and goals as well as present our vision. The many features of this major release and concrete business benefits they bring result from close interaction with our customers. Correlix is the leading product for business centric trade flow analysis. This ground breaking release leaves the rest of the market even further behind. Combined with our other products, TS-Associates is the only vendor that offers a true "end to end" holistic approach supporting both the operations user and the business user."

Correlix 5 is immediately available. 

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