Graz and SunGard team on data warehousing as SaaS

Source: SunGard

Graz Sweden AB has recently signed a series of three-year contracts with SunGard Availability Services AB.

SunGard will supply infrastructure as a service for Graz's SaaS offering for Hinc, the company's data warehouse product for the financial industry.

Since the financial crisis began in 2008, the financial industry has increasingly focused on cost savings. As a result, the IT departments of many banks and insurance companies have experienced considerable downsizing. These changes have made the industry significantly more positive towards SaaS solutions, which are often more cost-efficient and less burdensome on internal IT departments than more traditional models of delivery.

"There's been a clear shift in the market since the financial crisis. To stay competitive we've chosen to collaborate with SunGard, which allows us to offer Hinc, our data warehouse for the financial industry, as a SaaS solution," says Jonas Olsson, CEO of Graz Sweden AB.

"We're delighted about our collaboration with Graz," adds Staffan Johnsson, Key Account Manager at SunGard. "It shows that SunGard's infrastructure services can live up to the high expectations of Graz's customers." 

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