Cymba launches compliance engine

Source: Cymba Technologies

Cymba Technologies Limited, a leading supplier of business software solutions for the Asset Management, Multi Manager and Hedge Fund communities, today announced it has lifted out its Pre and Post Trade Compliance Engine into a functionally richer stand-alone product.

CYMBA Centurion brings to the market a state of the art Compliance solution providing comprehensive support for different Rule Types, Asset Classes and a customisable Incident Breach Management Workflow via fully configurable screens.

CYMBA Centurion is utilised as a stand-alone Compliance system by a number of CYMBA's clients. Previously integrated as a module within the CYMBA Athena IMS platform, it is now offered as a complete Compliance solution for investment managers requiring this function to be standalone whilst still retaining very tight integration links with the firms Portfolio Modelling, OMS and IMS platforms.

CYMBA Centurion provides a cost-effective, flexible and scalable solution for managing the complete Pre (active) and Post-Trade (passive) Compliance processes inclusive of Post Trade Incident Management and Pre Trade Override management.

Features Include:
 Full support for Pre and Post Trade compliance validation;
 Override Monitoring via customisable monitoring screens;
 Breach Management via customisable breach management screens with look through facilities;
 Comprehensive Rule Management supporting an extensive variety of rule types and with 4 eye check facilities;
 Concentration Rules: Support for concentration compliance checks;
 Extensive coverage of up-to-date UCITS mandates inclusive of the 5/10/40 rule;
 Programming APIs to facilitate integration with existing applications for Compliance, Intraday Position Management and 3rd Party OMS Order upload for a fully reconciled and STP Front Office.

"We have been providing pre and post trade compliance functionality to our clients via our Athena IMS platform for a number of years now and felt the timing was right to carve out and market our comprehensive Compliance solution as a stand-alone product. We believe the functionality, technology, openness and pricing model of CYMBA Centurion will be welcomed in the market, by both large and small Investment Firms." said Karim Ali, Co-Founder and Partner at CYMBA.

CYMBA Centurion also integrates with other 3rd party service providers such as Fund Administrators to handle the investment Managers start of day position feed, reconciliation and post trade requirements.

CYMBA Centurion is available as a fully integrated application suite and can be deployed either as an ASP or Enterprise Model. 

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