Fincad upgrades F3

Source: Fincad

Fincad, the leading provider of OTC derivatives pricing and risk solutions, announced today the launch of F3 4.0.

Recently awarded Risk Management Technology Product of the Year by Risk Magazine for its unique approach to enterprise risk analytics, F3 continues to leverage its flexible architecture to adapt its risk measurement capabilities to changes in the market. F3 4.0 includes performance upgrades as well as CVA and usability enhancements to help users meet regulatory requirements and gain a competitive edge in today's challenging financial landscape.

Basel III, Dodd-Frank, EMIR and other regulations are placing a greater demand for complex risk measurements including accounting for counterparty credit risk/CVA, the margin period of risk, wrong way risk and collateralization. To meet regulations and give organizations a competitive advantage, these measurements now need to be calculated on-demand. F3 4.0 was designed to address the growing requirement for near real-time analysis with calibration enhancements and the added ability to offload and cache calculations, allowing users to maximize computational efficiency and handle large portfolios with ease. F3's Platform Server enables sharing throughout an organization, and helps in reducing organizational silos.

The addition of pre-built models makes it seamless for users to quickly set up trades, and calibration enhancements allow for improved accuracy in valuing and analyzing swaptions and futures. A new market data connector reduces the developmental time to achieve integrated real-time market data from a variety of market data vendors.

CEB TowerGroup senior research director Dushyant Shahrawat explains that, "We are seeing a shift in the industry towards stricter risk measures and a focus on transparency. The need to include margin for all OTC trades as well the environment of new regulations and challenging demographic and macro-economic factors means it is important for firms to have flexible and sophisticated analytics technology to help monitor and maintain appropriate levels of risk."

"F3 continues to build on its award-winning technology," says Bob Park, President and CEO, FINCAD. "Feedback from our users has been very positive - we're able to account for even their most complex trades and enable visibility at the enterprise level. F3's generic architecture and separation of financial engineering from software engineering means we can always continue to expand F3's capabilities and keep abreast of changing market conditions." 

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