Cardtek to provide m-payment infrastructure for Trevica

Source: Cardtek

Cardtek Group, the global payment systems solutions provider, has recently signed an agreement with TREVICA on a new project.

Cardtek Group, will provide a mobile payment system infrastructure to Trevica with their product TSMXpert for NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled mobile payment solutions.

TREVICA, processor owned by MasterCard and offering brand agnostic broad range of services, is now getting prepared to offer NFC enabled Mobile Payments for European banks and service providers with the establishment of TSMXpert to their base.

High performance with the technology of the future…

Cardtek Group Assistant General Manager Erdal Yazmacı, said that "TREVICA Project is of utmost importance regarding our partnership with MasterCard to establish NFC enabled mobile payment solutions to our customers, especially in the European region. The system we provide TREVICA is extremely open for development and its substructure embodies not only today's requirements but also the important technologies of the future such as the embedded secure element. Our R&D teams have designed these soultions to provide utmost functionality and performance to allow our customers to benefit from the highest level of service. We are proud to deliver this project with TREVICA, which will enable Europe's most critical contactless payment solution in various locations."

TREVICA Mobile Products Manager Katarzyna Sosin, said that "TREVICA is supporting, from the beginning, MasterCard in Poland in creating NFC ecosystem. Our role is to make integration and connection to mobile payment services accessible to the Issuers in a simple and easy way. To be more present in NFC value chain TREVICA has decided to become Trusted Service Manager for our customers. Thanks to Cardtek Group and their TSMXpert solution we are able to widen range of our services and offer full support for mobile payments. The choice of selecting Cardtek Group was dictated by the fact that TSMXpert is already certified by MasterCard and VISA, scalable solution and supports all existing communication and provisioning standards in NFC mobbile payments, that give us competitive advantage."

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