Burgundy market data to come to FIX/Fast channels

Source: Oslo Børs

Oslo Børs and Burgundy are pleased to confirm that we will offer market data for Burgundy on the FIX/Fast channels in addition to the ITCH channels when the Burgundy market goes live on the Millennium platform 3 June.

Burgundy market data will be available in the same way as the Oslo Børs FIX/FAST market data is today, i.e. as a service based on Level 2 snapshot.

Three new channels are set up:
BDE20: Burgundy Level 2 Equity Snapshot
BDP20: Burgundy Level 2 ETF/ETN Snapshot
BDW20: Burgundy Level 2 Warrant Snapshot

The service is already available in the CDS environment and will become available in the production environment together with the other Burgundy services. 

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