Coastal Management chooses OneMarketData OneTick

Source: OneMarketData

OneMarketData today announced that Coastal Management LLC, a quantitative investment management firm, has selected OneTick, a single solution for complex event processing (CEP) and tick data that spans both historical and real-time, for research and rapid strategy development.

As active trading firms turn to more quantitative trading, OneTick provides all the tools necessary for algorithmic trade modeling.

Coastal Management will use OneTick's powerful analytical tools to build custom alpha generating models, run historical simulations and generate trading signals. OneTick is a mathematical market data analysis platform and big data solution that enables users to discover new alpha opportunities and optimize existing strategies through bull, bear and other market-impacting conditions.

"Outfitting our traders with state-of-the-art research and trading technology is critical to our success," said Craig Robertson, a managing director with Coastal Management. "OneTick's rich, comprehensive solution for quantitative research made it the obvious choice for empowering our team to make quicker and smarter investment decisions."

"OneTick is the quintessential tool for finding alpha in the new normal of a highly challenging trading environment," said Richard Chmiel, OneMarketData's senior vice president. "As more investment managers and traders, such as Coastal Management, utilize quant strategies, OneTick is well-positioned to provide them with the analytical tools they need to move the needle." 

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