Lucena tools come to Bloomberg app portal

Source: Lucena Research

Lucena Research, a leading provider of decision support technology for investment professionals, announced today that Bloomberg Professional subscribers can now access its QuantDesk Price Forecaster {APPS QFORE GO} and Portfolio Optimizer {APPS QOPTIM GO} through the Bloomberg App Portal.

QuantDesk Price Forecaster helps users find market opportunities through quantitative analysis and statistical forecasting.

QuantDesk Portfolio Optimizer enables investors to manage portfolio risk by using Mean Variance Optimization to drive Efficient-Frontier-Based allocation, thereby maximizing the potential performance for investments with specific risk profiles. The Portfolio Optimizer tool is offered as a bundled solution with Price Forecaster.

A pioneer in machine-learning technology, Lucena Research provides an innovative approach to trend analysis, portfolio optimization and hedging techniques. QuantDesk, Lucena's flagship product, incorporates over 200 fundamental, technical and proprietary time series indicators to exploit market opportunities with precision and scientifically validate and assess investment decisions. QuantDesk is unique because it perpetually self-adjusts its predictive model-based data analytics.

"Our collaboration with Bloomberg helps our customers access our premium investment tools alongside global news, data and analytics available with the Bloomberg Professional service," said CEO Erez Katz. "We worked diligently with the Bloomberg App Portal team to develop a seamlessly integrated solution and to provide Bloomberg subscribers with the added capabilities of our technology. Our goal is to empower the Bloomberg subscriber with the tools they need to operate efficiently and competitively in the market."

Bloomberg Professional service subscribers can access QuantDesk Price Forecaster at {APPS QFORE GO} and Portfolio Optimizer at {APPS QOPTIM GO}, or by searching by product name on the Bloomberg App Portal {APPS GO}. 

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