Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank selects Fair Isaac's Debt Manager

Source: Fair Isaac Corporation

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision technology, announced today that Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, one of the largest banks in the United Arab Emirates, is implementing Fair Isaac's Debt Manager collections and recovery solution to support its retail banking receivables business.

As the industry-leading collections and recovery solution, Debt Manager integrates analytics, workflow management, and account and customer management capabilities to enable a more streamlined, profitable collections operation. The solution will help Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank fast-track the entire recovery process, reduce collections costs and optimize operational efficiency by increasing collector performance and productivity.

Debt Manager's sophisticated account segmentation and decisioning capabilities will allow the bank to prioritize and treat both collateral-backed and non collateral-backed consumer debt at the customer and account levels, and apply the right collections strategy to each account.

"The selection of Fair Isaac's Debt Manager supports our growth plans with highly flexible and dependable leading-edge technology," said Steve Dickens, chief operating officer at Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. "This investment reflects our commitment to continual development using innovative, cost-efficient and customer-centric solutions that enhance risk management and secure significant return on investment."

"The agreement with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank brings the most advanced collections and recovery technology into the dynamic lending environment of the UAE region," said Robert Duque-Ribeiro, vice president of International Sales at Fair Isaac. "Blending the expertise of the bank's collections management team with Debt Manager's powerful capabilities will help the bank stay ahead of the curve and advance the adoption of Fair Isaac's industry-leading collections solutions in the Middle East market."

Debt Manager is a highly configurable, flexible software application capable of managing millions of accounts with thousands of users operating at a single site or across multiple locations. It is designed to address all requirements in all phases of the debt lifecycle - collections, recoveries, asset management, asset disposal, residual balance recovery, litigation and bankruptcy. Debt Manager also integrates with Fair Isaac's BridgeLink(TM) network and advanced analytics, making it the most sophisticated collections and recovery solution available on the market.

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