CBRE Global Investors migrates to SunGard hosting and managed services

Source: SunGard

CBRE Global Investors has, in less than four weeks, migrated to and gone live on SunGard's AvantGard Hosting and Managed Services for treasury and risk.

The company has also decided to expand its use of SunGard's AvantGard Treasury (Quantum) for cash and risk management globally to France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, the UK and the Czech Republic.

CBRE Global Investors migrated the solution from on-premise to SunGard's UK data center facilities where it is managed by a dedicated SunGard team. The now hosted and managed services solution will help support smarter operations and greater focus on the business objectives at CBRE Global Investors, by helping reduce system administration overhead and minimize support complexities. The company will go through a single point of contact at SunGard for all system related IT and application requirements.

"One of the main advantages that SunGard offers is its ability to host and manage software and many of the peripheral daily operational tasks associated with its solutions within a control and service framework that is aligned with our own commitment towards our investors. We are impressed with SunGard's ability to move the AvantGard Quantum solution to a hosted environment in less than four weeks. Given CBRE Global Investors' long-standing relationship with SunGard with multiple products, we are confident that Quantum will continue to provide us with an enhanced degree of control and cash visibility, helping us more efficiently manage our risk, debt and investment activity." - Joram Vesters, EMEA Director of Operations & IT, CBRE Global Investors

"SunGard's breadth of experience in bringing software solutions onto a hosted and managed environment enabled us to meet CBRE Global Investors' go- live deadline of less than a month, on-budget. The company now benefits from a single point of contact for all of its IT and application support requirements. By relying on SunGard's hosted and managed services, CBRE Global Investors can focus on its core competencies of effectively managing cash and risk and developing a strategic treasury practice." - M Mike Kresse, evp, Global Operations,

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