Servebase and Movanta team on retailer branded apps with payment

Source: Servebase and Movanta

Servebase and Movanta have integrated their solutions to provide Retailers with a white label Mobile App that lets a retailer send targeted messages and run a loyalty scheme on their customers' phones using insights gathered from their payment stream information.

The Mobile App is integrated to the Servebase payment gateway, ANYpay, providing real-time payments data. Using the Movanta campaign management tools, the Retailer's Marketing Department can then use the app to send promotional messages, offers and loyalty points based on a customer's purchasing activities.

Ray Dogra, CEO Movanta elaborates. "On the web, we are all now used to receiving targeted offers on an 'etailers' websites based on what we have bought before. Done well, this helps us all get more of what we want. Mobile gives high street retailers the perfect way to do the same thing in the physical world. It lets them connect with their customers, and using the payments data to provide the right deal at the right time. This leads to a better experience for all. For shoppers, it's about the right message for me at the right moment for me. And it's about a loyalty scheme that sits on my phone, not on yet another piece of cardboard or plastic. For the retailer, it's about re-inventing the high street for the mobile era. We're really excited about our joint solution with Servebase to provide a powerful combination of a mobile app and payments insights to the retail and hospitality sectors.

"We let retailers get their own beautiful app that not only looks good, but acts as a powerful marketing tool to get more sales".

Ritz Steytler, CEO of Servebase, concludes: "With the powerful combination of payments and mobile technology, any merchant should have the ability to roll-out the most successful retail programmes without breaking the bank, whether that be a scheme such as Tesco Clubcard, Amazon Recommends or an iTunes style wallet to be used across all channels. Servebase and Movanta have paired up to provide Retailer's with those tools in a simple to use and manageable way." 

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