Yalamanchili reports first live European customer

Source: Yalamanchili

Global payments solutions provider, Yalamanchili, today announces that its first European customer has gone live in the UK. Following its launch into Europe in 2012 and subsequent certification by Visa Europe, Yalamanchili has been selected by payroll card service provider, OnePay, to provide the payment processing capability behind its newly launched OnePay Prepaid Visa Card.

Asian-born Yalamanchili entered the European payments market in 2012, disrupting the market with a radical new approach to the delivery of card payment processing solutions. Its payment processing platform empowers retail banks, card programme managers and their clients with the tools and services needed to independently create and manage their own card products, reducing both costs and lead time to market.

UK-based OnePay specialises in the provision of payroll card solutions for employers and recruitment agencies. It provides a secure, simple and swift way for agencies and employers to pay their unbanked workers. OnePay has integrated Yalamanchili's payment processing platform into its existing infrastructure, enabling it to pay salaries to registered cardholders.

Yalamanchili's hosted platform has provided OnePay with additional functionality and flexibility when managing prepaid payments for its customers. In addition to delivering the payment processing platform, Yalamanchili has developed an online e-account facility for OnePay, which enables cardholders to benefit from services more commonly associated with a traditional bank account, such as checking account balances, retrieving statements, investigating transactions and locking cards. Yalamanchili has also provided an online facility for agents to manage both the load process on to the cards and background workflow automation, which saves time and lowers risk.

"We attracted a lot of attention when we moved into Europe in 2012, and we are delighted to see our first customer in the region go live." comments Chris Ellis, President - Europe, Yalamanchili. "OnePay's prepaid Visa solution perfectly illustrates what can be achieved when an organisation is empowered by our technology; it is freed to design a solution around the specific needs of cardholders, unrestrained by systems capabilities. OnePay has exciting plans for the continued advancement of its solution and we look forward to working with OnePay to enable it to bring enhanced products to market. This is the first in a series of announcements Yalamanchili will be making in the first half of 2013 as our first tranche of customers complete their final testing and launch their products into the market."

Lee Hartley, Managing Director at OnePay, adds: "We needed a partner that not only met our processing needs, but also armed us with the capability to launch new products quickly and easily. Yalamanchili has given us just that, as well as the power to manage the refinement and extension of our product's functionality in accordance with the changing needs of our cardholders."

Raphaels Bank is the issuing bank sponsor behind OnePay's Visa prepaid card. Andrew Downes, General Manager Cards at the Bank, adds: "Raphaels is delighted to be working with Yalamanchili and we are pleased to have supported the launch of such an innovative and effective prepaid card. Raphaels specialises in offering opportunities to companies that wish to launch prepaid card programmes in the UK and Europe and we look forward to further developing our relationship with Yalamanchili as it continues to grow in Europe."

Yalamanchili provides a next generation backend portal to OnePay giving direct access to, and control over, product configuration down to individual card parameters in a controlled environment. This presents enhanced empowerment and offers unrivalled flexibility to Yalamanchili's clients, allowing them to recognise and act upon trends in cardholder demand on the fly.

Yalamanchili's payments processing solutions are in worldwide use across a wide range of sectors, including retail, banking, transit, corporate, telco, government and healthcare, bringing scalability, flexibility and support to emerging payments. 

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