SIX Financial Information strikes StatPro deal

Source: SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information has teamed up with StatPro Group PLC (AIM:SOG), a global leader in portfolio analytics, to enhance data services for StatPro clients.

SIX Financial Information delivers timely, accurate intraday global equities pricing via its Intraday Pricing Service (IPS) in a custom format that enables clients to consume the data in a completely automated manner.

As a provider of sophisticated portfolio analytics products and data services, StatPro knows the value of high quality and dependable data. With coverage of over 500,000 global assets, the company now relies on SIX Financial Information's automated IPS to enrich its current delayed equity pricing snapshot service to its clients.

"The delayed equity snapshot pricing service is an integral part of our StatPro data services, and we are delighted to partner with one of the leaders in this field, SIX Financial Information, to further enhance this service to our global customer base", said Rasha Al-Aswad, Senior Vice President, StatPro North America. "With SIX Financial Information we are not only able to expand the universe of data coverage within this service but can also automate the process in which we receive this data, and then pass it along to our customers in a delayed form throughout the day regardless of the level of customization they require."

SIX Financial Information's IPS combines a world class securities database with a flexible delivery system for superior asset servicing and portfolio valuation, and delivers precise snapshots in a single, consistent format timed to each client's specifications, either intraday, delayed or end-of-day.

Barry Raskin, Managing Director of SIX Financial Information USA, commented, "StatPro's use of our Intraday Pricing Service is perfectly aligned with the intent of the product, which is designed to be flexible enough to deliver exactly the fields for exactly the securities our clients need, at exactly the times they need them. We are also naturally quite pleased that we have been able to help StatPro expand its offering both in terms of coverage and frequency." 

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