SocGen taps Sopra for credit industrial management

Source: Sopra

To respond to the issues related to pooling and industrialising the after-sale management of credits, Société Générale has built the first international multi-entity and multi-market platform for credits, in partnership with Sopra Banking Software.

The platform (LISA: Loans International Standardized Application) has relied on the software package Sopra Banking Lending since October 2012.

Société Générale, which has been continuing its operating efficiency plan launched in 2008 and industrialising its credit management activities, entrusted, in 2009, the building of an international platform for the after-sale industrial management of credits, designed for the group's retail banks and financial corporations, to Sopra Banking Software.

In its efforts to optimise IT costs related to credits, Société Générale has enforced a policy for pooling IT platforms and industrialising production processes.

Steps for building the international platform for credit management

The first step aiming at the resumption of the real estate loans from retail banking in France made it possible to build the base of the platform, using the software package solution Sopra Banking Lending.

Sopra Banking Software went into strong action by Société Générale's side to successfully conclude the implementation project in record time of 18 months. This first large-scale success has enabled the automated resumption of the whole portfolio of real estate credits from retail banking in France from 30 June 2011 as well as the continuity of their financial management.

The second step, by leveraging this base, consisted, for Sopra Banking Software, in building the LISA platform implemented mid-2012.

A transfer phase of the after-sale management of real estate loans from retail banking in France was consequently entailed. LISA, which has been built within 4 months, has, since November 2012, hosted and exploited the production of several million files, i.e. 10% of the market share of real estate loans in France.

The platform is now ready to host the credit management activities of other French and international structures from the Société Générale group for all markets - real estate loans, corporate credits (among which local authorities) and consumer credits.

Sopra Banking Lending, through this credit platform, has been deployed in 2,305 french branches of Société Générale's network. 

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