Icubic unveils portal for securities issues

Source: icubic

ISS is the name of icubic's new software-as-a-service portal for securities issues. This subscription platform integrates reference groups such as employees or clients into the issuing process of the corporation.

ICUBIC SUBSCRIPTION SOLUTION (ISS) is an online portal for companies, which manages the issuance of securities tranches to affiliated investors. Companies utilise the exchanges to sell bonds in order to raise fresh capital. Their securities are presented there to a generally wide and anonymous audience. With ISS, issuers can now issue a share of their securities to definable target groups at different points in time.

icubic is already working together with the Deutsche Börse AG and has access to adaptable interfaces to central service providers that play a role in the security placement process such as paying agents, custodian banks or trading participants on the exchanges. The application has a modular structure and guarantees a subscription process according to the individual requirements of the issuers. This includes everything from the preparation of documents such as subscription certificates or payment instructions to the designing of the user interfaces in correspondence with the corporate design of the issuer. The cost efficiency of ISS is another advantage. The integrable web solution relieves internal IT capacities and the personnel at the issuer are also spared time and effort due to the fully automatic acceptance and processing of buy orders.

icubic wants to expand its service portfolio with the introduction of ISS: "We have previously concentrated our product offering on the electronic trading processes of the bank and insurance sectors. With ISS, we are now also focusing on the issuing companies. What is special however, is that more than a decade of know-how and expertise gained from our core business has gone into the development of this new web service", says René Lemme, Marketing Manager at icubic. 

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