CapitalSource live with TeleContinuity's emergency backup voice network

Source: TeleContinuity

TeleContinuity announced today that CapitalSource, Inc. has implemented the TeleContinuity Service and is starting by first providing the TeleContinuity service to its offices in New York City.

CapitalSource selected TeleContinuity to provide critical backup telecommunications continuity to overcome frequent outages that have disrupted crucial and time-sensitive business operations.

"Until now, the financial services industry lacked a viable enterprise-wide solution for recovery from telecommunication outages," said Chris Woods, Chief Technology Officer for CapitalSource. "Additionally, the TeleContinuity Service is easy to implement, feature rich and provides CapitalSource with a variety of different activation interfaces to invoke the Service. Voice recovery is essential to our operations and with the TeleContinuity Service, even during an outage or evacuation, we can be confident that business will continue as usual."

The TeleContinuity survivable telephone backup service is a network-level solution that restores incoming telephone service to users within minutes of a terror attack, PBX failure, fiber cut, fire, flood, building evacuation, or other catastrophic event. The TeleContinuity solution gives a government or business entity total control of its telephone service during an emergency. Subscribers can easily reroute their calls to maintain continuity of telephone service during building evacuations, service cutoffs or telco outages. Incoming calls can be delivered to any location and over any device, whether a landline phone, cell phone, or VoIP enabled device such as a PC, laptop, or PDA.

"We are extremely excited about having CapitalSource as a customer," said Roy Pinchot, CEO of TeleContinuity. "CapitalSource has implemented the TeleContinuity Service in conjunction with Verizon's Switch Redirect Service in New York City. By combining a carrier based forwarding service like Switch Redirect with TeleContinuity, our customers are able to create a flexible, survivable and transparent voice recovery solution that only TeleContinuity can offer."

Through TeleContinuity's proprietary intelligent communications routing, unique switching technology and geographically dispersed network, users can easily activate their service within minutes of a telephone service disruption and restore incoming and outgoing call service by switching their telephone service into TeleContinuity's network. TeleContinuity's technology makes this possible because it sends calls through available circuits on both the public switched telephone network and the Internet. The TeleContinuity voice network route is established on the fly and in real time by linking together routes from a variety of network routing options.

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