Earnix upgrades software

Source: Earnix

Earnix, a leading provider of integrated customer analytics solutions for banking and insurance, today announced the release of Earnix version 6.0, the newest version of Earnix's software delivering enhanced predictive modeling and decisioning tools designed specifically for the financial industry.

Combining risk and demand modeling with real-time connectivity to core systems, Earnix provides an integrated customer analytics platform that empowers insurers and banks to optimize the alignment of products and prices to the demands of specific market segments, resulting in higher profitability and growth in hyper-competitive markets.

The most significant change with Earnix 6.0 is the introduction of one-step Relational Optimization™ which provides a breakthrough in efficiency and accuracy of pricing of financial products that are composed of multiple sub-entities.

The following market segments can benefit from the new Relational Optimization:

  • Auto Insurance: insurers can directly optimize policies combining multiple cars, multiple drivers and multiple coverages, which make up the majority of policies written in the United States and Canada.
  • Home Insurance: while less common, home policies for multiple dwellings make up a lucrative segment of the home insurance market which insurers can now better address.
  • Commercial Insurance: multiple coverages are particularly common for business insurance policies, covering multiple employees across multiple business locations.
  • Banking: as banks vie for customer share-of-wallet, the ability to optimize rates across multiple household accounts becomes a critical competitive advantage.

Relational Optimization allows insurers and banks to accelerate the transition from product-centric to customer-centric decision-making, which in turn improves customer and household retention, profitability, and customer lifetime value.

Earnix 6.0 provides additional functionality enhancement in various categories including: an extension of real-time analytical interfaces, new segmentation options, and additional regression types.

"With the introduction of Version 6.0 we continue to deliver on our commitment to the financial services industry to provide the best that analytics has to offer -- going beyond earlier generations of descriptive and predictive analytics solutions," commented David Schapiro, Earnix CEO. "With the majority of US auto policies covering more than one vehicle,Relational Optimization™ expands the options available today to financial services providers to meet the requirements of an exceedingly sophisticated marketplace."

Earnix 6.0 is available immediately worldwide. The software can be deployed on-premise or accessed via a Cloud-based service. 

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