Lufthansa ditches voucher system for Citi pre-paid loyalty card

Source: Citi

Working with MasterCard, Citi has enhanced the agent loyalty program offered by Lufthansa German Airlines, called eXperts.

The program, designed for agents who sell international travel, not only keeps members informed about Lufthansa's latest products and services, eXperts members also benefit from exclusive fares, perks and privileges.

The introduction of reloadable pre-paid cards by Citi is the latest innovation for eXperts members, making the eXperts Agent Loyalty Program now much more user-friendly and allows agents to quickly redeem their loyalty rewards. The new card-based solution is set to be rolled out by Lufthansa to eXperts members in Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, with future plans to extend to Malaysia and the Philippines.

Replacing its existing voucher-based system for redeeming rewards, Lufthansa will now distribute cards loaded with incentive payments to eXperts agents, who can then use them at any merchant locations where MasterCard is accepted. Card holders can also easily check their balances and track transactions online.

Citi Prepaid Services, a division of Citi Transaction Services, provides customizable prepaid card solutions for companies looking for more effective and convenient ways to deliver key payments, including customer incentives, consumer rewards and rebates and sales commissions. For the recipient, a prepaid card offers convenience and flexibility compared to paper-based delivery methods. Companies, meanwhile, benefit from the low costs of a completely electronic payment solution, plus the branding and loyalty options inherent in a card format.

Citi Prepaid Services can help companies drive increased sales by delivering consumer and sales incentive payments that have a measurable impact with comprehensive client branding, enhanced communications and greater visibility into customer behavior.

"We are very pleased to have a solution that is regionally consistent and integrates seamlessly with our existing loyalty program," commented Dr. Christian Altmann, Regional Director of Lufthansa German Airlines. "We are confident that this will prove popular with our agents and thus help to further promote awareness of our brand."

"This form of reward card is a first from a corporate issuer," commented Philip Glickman, Regional Sales Head, Wholesale Cards, Asia Pacific, for Citi Transaction Services. "It combines real ease of use with the controls and security measures normally associated with a credit card. We were able to address all regulatory issues concerning the card's distribution by working closely with the relevant authorities."

The eXperts Agent Loyalty Program also boasts a fully automated system designed by Citi for the loading of multiple incentive payments to multiple cards. This solution builds on Citi's existing relationship with Lufthansa in the areas of cash management and FX.

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