Volta connects with Zayo Group

Source: Volta

Volta today announces its partnership with Zayo Group, a provider of Bandwidth Infrastructure solutions, which will deliver fibre-based connectivity to Volta data centre customers in the financial services industries.

The new connection will enable, amongst others, financial commodity exchanges to deliver market data and execute orders across a secure, low-latency infrastructure.

Opening in early 2013, Volta's newest Great Sutton Street data centre is one of Central London's most connected facilities catering to users of latency-sensitive services in the financial sector and providing access to key liquidity trading venues. Additionally, the Volta facility will be servicing customers in the media and content industries. The new facility, located in the former Reuters and BT building is being fully refurbished and will include a new unique 33kv diverse power supply.

Through its cooperation with Zayo Group, London-based financial services companies reliant on high bandwidth connectivity now have access to proximity hosting and low-latency connections between the Volta data centre and various key sites. Zayo Group's fibre optic, low latency network connects Basildon to the Docklands in the east, and from the City to Slough in the West. Zayo Group's platform links all of London's financial districts and provides access to main London-based exchanges and major data centres in London.

Julian King, Commercial Director, Volta, said, "Connectivity and low latency are key priorities for companies in the financial services industry today. The biggest dilemma they are facing at the moment is where to co-locate to access the broadest range of these two factors. By partnering with telecommunications providers like Zayo Group, Volta is building up a compelling case to be the data centre of choice for organisations that require optimum access to London's financial markets at high speed."

Stephanie Copeland, Senior Vice President, Zayo Group, said, "Our customers in the financial services community have demanding requirements for capacity, latency and scalability. Zayo's service enables financial commodity exchanges to deliver market data and execute orders across a secure, low-latency infrastructure." 

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