Fitch boosts market data coverage of un-rated entities

Source: Fitch Solutions

Fitch Solutions is pleased to announce that the Fitch Research product now includes its proprietary market based data and fundamental financials for over 9,500 new un-rated entities.

This will provide subscribers with further insights into the direction of credit risk for entities where the availability of independent data may be more limited.

The data covers Fitch Solutions' CDS spreads, CDS implied ratings, and other market based indicators where available. It will be displayed on Fitch Research as part of the main web page for each entity in a snapshot format alongside links to fundamental financials and related sector and country research from Fitch Ratings.

"With the investable credit universe ever expanding, especially in emerging markets, subscribers will now be able to leverage Fitch Solutions' spectrum of credit risk indicators and overlay with longer-term fundamental research to gain a transparent and comprehensive view of credit risk for a large portion of the market," said Gloria Aviotti, Managing Director at Fitch Solutions.

The new un-rated entity pages will broaden Fitch's coverage mainly in the corporate and banks sectors. Further information about Fitch Research can be found at, whilst details of the full suite of Fitch Solutions products and services are available at 

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