Aon extends Entrust implementation


Entrust, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENTU), a global leader in securing digital identities and information, today announced that Aon Limited, a leading global insurance broking, risk management and human capital consulting company, is expanding its use of the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution by capitalizing on Entrust's innovative CPU-based pricing model to make deployment of its Web-based applications more cost effective.

Aon will increase its use of Entrust GetAccess in order to provide employees and customers with Web access control and single-sign on to the growing number of applications being delivered via the Web. The implementation will continue to improve service levels for employees, as well as brokers and other intermediaries, while reducing transaction costs. The use of server-based pricing allows Aon to tie its expenses to the actual deployment of applications and eliminates the need to purchase a software license for each user, regardless of how often they access the application.

"Entrust has given us a more sensible and cost effective way of buying security software. Now, as the number of users accessing our system begins to rise or if there is precipitate growth, our licensing needs are already covered, whilst our unit cost declines yielding better value," said Ken Walker, senior project manager of Platform Services at Aon Limited.

Entrust customers such as Aon have increased business efficiencies using Entrust GetAccess within the server-based pricing model, consequently aligning their software licenses to their business requirements.

Walker goes on to say, "Areas of our business with occasional users can now benefit from a high level of security with this model without cost penalty. Our move to server-based pricing for Entrust GetAccess has helped us to achieve significant cost savings."

"We are delighted to strengthen our long-standing relationship with Aon Insurance," said Phil Richardson, vice president, Northern Europe, Middle East and Africa. "Our clients asked for this pricing model and we made it a reality."

Entrust GetAccess provides single sign on, identification and entitlements for Web users. It is a component of the Entrust Secure Identity Management Solution, which allows customers to speed deployment of secure applications by seamlessly issuing and managing digital IDs as part of the overall provisioning process. The solution provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for securely managing identities and access for users, applications and devices across client-server, Web and Web service architectures.

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