S&P provides online access to Security to Entity Crosswalk service

Source: Standard and Poor's

Providing clients with more power and flexibility to instantly identify the complex inter-relationships and potential conflicts of interest between securities issuers and associated entities, Standard & Poor's today announced the availability of "Security to Entity CrossWalk" online.

In an alliance with D&B and Telekurs Financial , Standard & Poor's, a leading provider of investment research, ratings and indices, offers web access to "Security to Entity CrossWalk" to help clients better manage risk while eliminating the need for additional installed software.

"Firms can now quickly and cost-effectively expose the full level of linkages between securities, issuers, affiliates and subsidiaries, creating a transparency that is needed within the marketplace today," explains Darren Purcell, Associate Director for European Securities Classification at Standard & Poor's. "By providing online access to "Security to Entity CrossWalk," we offer both power and flexibility without the costs of installing new software on each and every desktop."

"Security to Entity Crosswalk" enhances operational controls and efficiency by automatically linking more than five million securities identifiers, including CUSIPs and ISINs, from Standard & Poor's and Telekurs Financial, with corporate identifiers from the D&B global database. The solution empowers data managers, compliance and risk managers, portfolio managers, and operations personnel to meet new risk management mandates such as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley, by instantly identifying risk on an asset, portfolio, firm-wide or market level. Web access to "Security to Entity CrossWalk" offers clients the ability to conduct individual look-ups and on-the-fly searches, providing added convenience, scalability and cost-efficiency for companies with distributed offices and end users.

The first automated service to link business entities with financial securities, "Security to Entity CrossWalk" creates a 360-degree graphical representation of a company's corporate hierarchy. "Security to Entity CrossWalk" is also available as a bulk-load master feed and a portfolio-specific service. The new web-based service allows the ability to navigate top-down, bottom-up or anywhere within a corporate family tree, and can be used in conjunction with the master feed and portfolio service for on-demand searches.

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