StreamBase Systems release new version of data processing engine

Source: StreamBase Systems

StreamBase Systems, Inc., the source for software to process, analyze, and act on real-time data within milliseconds of its arrival, today announced a new version of the StreamBase stream processing engine that includes new features of special interest to the financial service industry.

This release follows the successful introduction of StreamBase's first commercial product in February of this year and reflects the strong interest the company has received from financial services companies.

StreamBase 2.0 offers significant benefits in application areas such as automated trading, risk management, and low-latency feed processing and conditioning. The new release includes the ability to record and playback live data streams, which will allow customers to model market assumptions and trading strategies on archived market data at market or accelerated speeds. Other new features include: financial industry application templates and analytics, Java plug-ins for real-time applications, and interfaces to Microsoft Excel or auto-generated Java GUI. With these new capabilities, users can build applications that process and analyze real-time data at rates of up to hundreds of thousands of messages per second in as little as hours to days.

"The response to the StreamBase stream processing engine has been very strong in the financial services industry where processing speed, low latency, and agility are key to competitive advantage," said Barry Morris, chief executive officer of StreamBase. "The enhancements we have made reflect the feedback we have received from hedge funds, exchanges, and global financial management firms, as well as improvements conceived by our product design and development team. This new version extends our lead in markets where processing real-time data is critical."

"As peak consolidated US equity and options market data volumes top 70,000 ticks per second, managing massive quantities of high-speed market data becomes more important," said Larry Tabb, founder and chief executive officer of the TABB Group, a data-driven research firm focused on the financial service industry. "Addressing this problem is truly the elephant in the room as most firms market data infrastructure can not process at these speeds. Without this capability firm's electronic trading capabilities will become bogged down, unresponsive, and plain useless."

Product Details

StreamBase is able to improve financial services applications—feed processing and conditioning, program/algorithmic trading, real-time compliance, risk management, and intelligent routing of real-time streaming data—with four key categories of enhancements to its established stream processing technology:

Stream Record/Playback

  • Easily capture incoming real-time data for later playback and testing
  • Back-test market assumptions and trading strategies, and easily switch to real-time streams

Reusable and Extendable Application Components

  • Easily embed custom Java or C++ analytics within real-time streaming applications. This enables customers to leverage their extensive libraries of existing Java code, using a "firewalled" or safe development area for application testing and debugging
  • Create reusable libraries of StreamBase application components with new "Super Boxes"

New Output Capabilities

  • Display real-time data output using Microsoft Excel
  • Automatically generate a custom Java GUI for testing or production – and to dramatically shorten development times

New Financial Services Templates and Analytics

  • Starter application templates for feed processing/conditioning, automated trading, and real-time compliance
  • New capabilities enable users to easily run queries and analytics to computer: user-defined VWAP, moving averages, best bid/best ask, spread pairs, Bollinger bands, Black-Scholes, and other important financial functions.

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