Relegence offers CRM interface ClientTrack

Source: Relegence

The Relegence Corporation, the de-facto provider of real-time automated intelligence to the financial services industry, today announced the launch of ClientTrack, a relationship support solution that links CRM tools to real-time market and news information.

ClientTrack works within existing CRM solutions, linking stored customer data, such as portfolio holdings, with relevant business and personal information in real-time from over 12,500 sources. ClientTrack addresses the need to know your customer on every level.

ClientTrack users, buy-side or sell-side agents, enjoy a panoramic view of news and intelligence on a client's holdings, employer or business, hometown news and weather, favorite sports teams, plus the ability to incorporate a firm's own research. ClientTrack boasts personalization features, such as a satellite view of the client's neighborhood, local news, plus the ability to quickly and easily send gifts to a client with a simple mouse click. ClientTrack is further enriched by RelegenceHeat. RelegenceHeat visually alerts the user to what's hot based on media activity, assisting the users in prioritizing workflow.

"More and more of the services offered in the financial sector have become commoditized" said Edo Segal, founder and CTO, Relegence. "The challenge today is the strengthening of the client relationship around informational insight. The key competitive advantage is found in fortifying the relationship with your client to increase his or her affinity to do business with you. ClientTrack delivers the pertinent information needed to fuel positive interaction with all your clients."

ClientTrack was developed in response to a specific request from a major sell-side institution. It is the first offering to give the financial community a local view of customers as well as access to relevant global information. Financial institutions realize that the key to competitive advantage is fortifying the relationship with customers. ClientTrack can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with Relegence's FirstTrack or RelegenceEmbedded products. FirstTrack and RelegenceEmbedded aggregate, monitor, index and filter real-time user-defined intelligence direct to the desktop and include alert features via pop-up, email or text message to communications devices.

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