Linedata upgrades fund accounting and administration platform

Source: Linedata

Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, today announced the latest release of Linedata Icon, the complete fund accounting and administration platform.

This latest version delivers more efficient business processing and workflows, including pro-active exception handling and extended instrument coverage, placing Linedata Icon perfectly to support an increasingly complex market.

Fund managers and administrators are faced with ever more challenging operations, including regulation, diversification of instrument types and a customer need for greater transparency. Linedata works in partnership with its clients, developing and delivering software and service solutions that meet these challenges and provide real and tangible benefits. Linedata Icon manages, either on a hosted or deployed basis, all the processes that need to take place to produce a true net asset value and accurate unit prices.

This release of Linedata Icon includes enhanced facilities for handling Money Market funds, giving administrators greater control and lower operational risk in the confidence that Linedata Icon is calculating consistent, highly accurate daily distribution factors. In response to market shifts towards more complex and diverse fund structures, it also includes even greater, readily configurable, collective pricing functionality.

Paul Westgate, Linedata Icon Product Manager at Linedata, commented, "This release continues to reflect the focus we have on providing comprehensive functionality with a high degree of automation in a way that fits perfectly with operational workflows. This allows our clients to operate even more efficiently and with lower risk. With this focus and the excellent relationships we have with our clients we continue to develop Linedata Icon to meet and exceed the demands of the industry."

Linedata Icon combines functionality and flexibility to handle more of a business' operations and processes, from recording trades, through to valuation and net asset value production. This replaces disparate systems, spreadsheets and manual processes to provide better controls and a full audit trail, essential for meeting the transparency and reporting requirements of clients, investors and regulatory bodies. It caters for a broad range of business types and jurisdictions, for example supporting the UK Capital Gains Tax requirements of life assurance companies, average cost and tax lot accounting as required, and German tax price calculations for funds marketed in Germany. Linedata Icon enables its clients to configure the system to meet their business requirements both now and in the future. Clients can concentrate on their business, confident that Linedata Icon enables them to react quickly to market changes. 

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