Dutch PFM platform The Moneyer goes live

Source: The Moneyer

The new Dutch "Personal Financial Management" platform The Moneyer, is live. Early 2011 the team behind The Moneyer accepted the challenge to develop the most advanced online financial management platform in existence.

The Moneyer is being developed by an international team of experienced and driven engineers with the aim to develop a financial platform which they would actually use themselves. The team behind The Moneyer believes that money should be different. Consumers are able to make good financial decisions on their own, given the access to the right tools and knowledge. 

The Moneyer offers these tools and anonymously uses collective data to benefit the individual user. Next to being a platform where you analyse your financial behaviour, The Moneyer focusses on your future. Through defining and simulating goals, the user is helped and encouraged to get more out of his money.

The recent go-live marks an important milestone but it's only the beginning. Founder Erik Driessen: "At the core we are an engineers company. We have built our current platform from scratch and will continuously develop new functionality in our pursuit of remaining the most advanced online financial management platform".

The Moneyer is financed by a group of committed informal investors and controlled by an experienced board, consisting of Willem Cramer (former CEO Friesland Bank), Ronald Kasteel (former CEO Ordina) and Ton Luyk (Former CEO IBUS).

Currently The Moneyer is available for the Dutch market only, but as with any startup we have plans to expand in other countries. 

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