Global ATM Security Alliance forms multi-channel security forum

Source: ATMIA

The Global ATM Security Alliance (GASA) has announced the establishment of a new forum to focus on Multi-Channel Security for the self-service industry.

The Forum's founding members cover several geographical marketplaces from China to Canada and include Fair Isaac, ACI Worldwide, Shell International, GRG Yuntong (Guangzhou) Banking Equipment China, South African Fraud Prevention Services, Bantek, DynTek Canada, Diebold, South Africa's ATM network Bankserv, K3 DES and the ATM Industry Association.

The Multichannel Security Forum's threefold purpose will be to:

  • create intelligence for tracking migration patterns across channels
  • develop vertically integrated strategies for countering cross channel fraud migration
  • reach cross-business consensus on the security of all cards-accepting devices

An example of cross channel fraud is that one of the fastest-growing loss categories in 2005 for ATM fraud has been counterfeit phishing attacks, with a proliferation of email-borne scams.

"Since crime migrates geographically, vertically (across the business lifecycle) and horizontally, that is, across delivery channels, comprehensive intelligence is needed to track these migration patterns," commented Mike Lee, CEO of ATMIA and founder of GASA.

GASA recently launched a web-based global crime data system called Cognito which can be used to store and process crime data on both ATMs and POS devices.

"Cognito is ready to be extended to cover internet banking and other channels being affected by cross channel fraud and fraud migration," Lee added.

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