LogRhythm launches Automation Suite for PCI compliance

Source: LogRhythm

LogRhythm, the largest and fastest growing independent Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) provider in the world, today announced the general availability of its Automation Suite for PCI.

The suite helps organisations maintain continuous compliance and lower the costs of meeting Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulatory compliance requirements.

LogRhythm's Automation Suite for PCI is the latest installment of ongoing innovations in compliance automation and assurance embedded in LogRhythm's award-winning SIEM 2.0 platform. The new compliance suite delivers cost savings, efficiency and assurance for organisations struggling to maintain PCI compliance. In this latest release, LogRhythm has doubled the number of controls that it supports or augments to 80 and added exception-based alerting and reporting. The Automation Suite for PCI offers a comprehensive package of proactive alarms, automated behavioral profiling, extensive reporting options mapped to individual requirements and SmartResponse plug-ins for easy enforcement. Powered by LogRhythm Labs security and compliance experts and Advanced Intelligence Engine (AIE) rules, the suite provides streamlined management capabilities and more intuitive and automated tools for supporting a continuous compliance program.

"As a retailer, PCI compliance is an everyday concern for us," said Vice President and CIO Brian Garcia of Team Express Distributing, LLC. "We selected LogRhythm over other SIEM offerings because it delivers outstanding functionality in a straightforward, ready-to-use form factor. LogRhythm's Automation Suite for PCI elevates the capabilities of their already great SIEM tool to a whole new level with specific reports, alarms and functionality targeted to particular numbered regulatory requirements of the PCI DSS 2.0 standard. I now have traceability on how my systems operations map to many of the specific PCI objectives, and I have greater peace of mind in knowing that I can demonstrate our degree of compliance at a detailed level with ease, whenever I wish. Furthermore, LogRhythm's Automation Suite for PCI frees my team from much of the legwork of managing our compliance, so they can focus on other projects."

"Achieving PCI compliance is a huge challenge for retailers and other organisations industry-wide. The PCI compliance solutions that have historically been available to organisations lack the tools that organisations really need to meet compliance requirements," said Dave Pack, director of LogRhythm Labs. "LogRhythm's Automation Suite is an industry game changer. Its behavioral profiling and reporting capabilities give organisations peace of mind that they are always in compliance."

Unlike first generation SIEMs that provide voluminous, unreadable or overwhelming compliance reports, LogRhythm's Automation Suite for PCI provides ongoing visibility to compliance exceptions. It reduces the amount of time spent in audit preparation and facilitates ongoing compliance assurance. It makes it easy for organisations to move beyond passive compliance reporting, lower overhead costs and meet a greater number of PCI requirements all at the same time.

The Automation Suite for PCI has been independently validated by an authorised QSA. It is included in LogRhythm's standard offering.

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