Aconite joins US EMV Migration Forum

Source: Aconite

Aconite, the leading provider of card payment and mobile management solutions, announces its membership of the Smart Card Alliance's EMV Migration Forum, an independent, cross-industry body created by the Smart Card Alliance to promote the efficient, timely and effective migration to EMV-enabled cards, devices and terminals in the United States.

Aconite has embarked on a major expansion of its activities in the US in order to bring its proven EMV migration solutions to card issuing banks, credit unions and third-party processors. With a background of assisting card issuers around the world make the transition to EMV cards, Aconite is able to offer US customers a compelling mix of easy-to-deploy EMV software, years of experience in the implementation of EMV programs and an in-depth understanding of the world of smart cards and EMV payments. With the major card schemes as strategic partners, Aconite brings unrivalled industry knowledge to the design and development of its product range. Specifically to support EMV migration in the US, Aconite will be proposing Smart EMV Manager, a software package that can upgrade an existing card transaction processing system to fully-featured EMV capability, and Affina® Enterprise, its flagship smart card and application management system. These solutions form the basis of the Aconite roadmap for further migration from smart card to NFC mobile payments, handling the management and provisioning of NFC apps and the processing of transactions.

Patrick Regester, Aconite's EVP Sales and Marketing, said "Our membership of the EMV Migration Forum underlines Aconite's commitment to the US market, where we see major opportunities to assist US issuers and processors to migrate to EMV in a cost-effective and low-risk way."

Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director, Smart Card Alliance and Acting Director, EMV Migration Forum said: "Aligning industry stakeholders into a community made up of experienced organizations and the new entrants to the EMV payments market is critical to the success of the EMV migration in the U.S.. Having Aconite as a member of the EMV Migration Forum adds valuable expertise to the Forum that they have acquired from successful EMV rollouts in other regions.".

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