Genesis Securities delivers Trade Ideas analytical market data

Source: Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas LLC, the premier provider of idea generation technology and real-time analytics to capital market participants, announced today that Genesis Securities is now offering Trade-Ideas pre-trade analytics to develop, modify and historically evaluate trading strategies that scan the entire market, tick-by-tick, to present filtered, validated opportunities.

"Trade-Ideas exceeded every requirement we asked of it. The no cost, proof-of-concept and simplicity of adding Trade-Ideas' vast analytical capabilities to our Laser platform were enough to convince us to move forward," said Serge Pustelnik, Business Development Director for Genesis Securities LLC. "From our customer's perspective, the flexibility to model any strategy or choose preconfigured set-ups and the tool's ease of use made Trade-Ideas the only choice for idea generation."

The rapid integration of the two applications is the reward of a fast-track implementation process developed by Trade-Ideas' development team. Their mission is to never be on the critical path to getting a partner's customers to use Trade-Ideas. The result is more active pipeline of integration work.

"Genesis Securities' decision is further testimony of our ability to deliver value, differentiation, flexibility, and performance to our partners and their customers," said David Aferiat, Managing Partner at Trade Ideas LLC.

"Genesis Securities is the industry leader in low cost, direct access trading. With the exciting addition of Trade-Ideas and its idea generation capabilities, our customers' trading performance and risk management are greatly improved. This combination puts our customers into a position of far exceeding conventional trading expectations," said William Yeh, CEO of Genesis Securities.

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