TS-Associates selects NYI for infrastructure expertise

Source: NYI

TS-Associates, a leading supplier of Precision Instrumentation solutions for latency sensitive trading systems, has selected NYI, a New York City based mission critical data services provider, to host reference implementations of the complete range of TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation solutions, including TipOff, Correlix and Application Tap.

This announcement comes at an important juncture: TS-Associates' acquisition of latency-management service provider Correlix and the decommissioning of TS-Associates' QA facility in Israel.

"NYI stepped up when we urgently needed a data center provider with true financial services credentials," said Shimrit Anderson-Or, Director of Operations, TS-Associates. "NYI knows what's at stake when dealing with the financial market, delivering the appropriate level of service. They've been doing it for the past 16 years. NYI had us up and running in their Lower Manhattan facility within 24 hours, before most other providers had acknowledged our request."

Anderson-Or continued, "NYI is the perfect data center partner for us. They are close to many of our customers, including top tier brokers and exchanges. They have an integrator's approach to data center solutions. Anyone who is serious about their infrastructure knows that you need a highly engaged infrastructure partner, especially when the success of your business depends critically on the service delivered by such a partner."

"TS-Associates approaches their business the same way we do: passionately and with extreme attention to detail," added Phillip Koblence, VP Operations, NYI. "With TS-Associates' acquisition of Correlix and the migration of its infrastructure to NYC, we knew we had to move quickly, while at the same time provide TS-Associates with a customized solution to meet their business-critical specifications." 

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