EWise introduces IB Secure anti-phishing system

Source: EWise Systems

eWise, one of the world's fastest growing providers of software solutions for the financial services industry, has today announced IB Secure, designed to provide banks and their online customers with effective protection against "phishing", "pharming", "Trojans" and spyware.

One of the key strengths of IB Secure is that it automatically monitors users' browsers, providing an extra security layer and removing the burden from users to take any action. When IB Secure detects that a user's browser is about to access a phishing site it actively prevents the user from passing his or her sensitive data to that bogus site.

"Unlike other anti-phishing systems, IB Secure has been designed specifically for the financial services industry. This means that it provides the robustness and level of security that banks require by law. With financial institutions under ever-increasing pressure to comply with increasing legislation and the need for risk management, IB Secure can be positioned by banks as an "added value" service for customers and will improve consumer confidence in on-line banking," says Mark Matthews, Managing Director of eWise Systems UK.

IB Secure works by protecting against DNS spoofing and by validating the SSL (secure socket layer) certificate on secure protected sites. Since the eWise intelligent agent within IB Secure is active whenever the user is at risk of disclosing their details, and the system is continually updated with data about existing fraudulent sites, it helps protect the user from accessing or disclosing their details to both known and unknown phishing sites. Using its Digital Safe feature and application level encryption, IB Secure will also help to protect users from various kinds of "Trojans" and "man-in-the-middle" style attacks.

IB Secure can be provided as a standalone solution, meaning that there is no disruption to daily IT operations. It can also be provided as part of the eWise account aggregation solution, which gives end users the means by which they can check the status of all their financial accounts, across multiple financial institutions, on one single screen, with one password and sign-on. IB Secure also works in conjunction with two-factor authentication and alongside consumers' existing anti-virus software as a complementary application. It can also consolidate information from multiple disparate systems into a single source. As far as end users are concerned, IB Secure is a simple download that takes just a few minutes to activate.

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