Dow Jones launches Russian news service

Source: Dow Jones Newswires

Dow Jones Newswires, the world's leading independent provider of real-time financial news, today announced the launch of its Russian-language news service, DJ Rynki ("Markets"), on

It also will launch shortly via market data vendors — including Bloomberg and Reuters.

Under a separate initiative with its Russian news partner, Prime-Tass, Newswires has expanded significantly its coverage of Russian companies and markets on the English-language Financial Wire and Economic Report services.

DJ Rynki, jointly produced by Newswires and Prime-Tass, provides Russian-language news coverage of the international, Russian and CIS foreign-exchange markets. The service runs from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Moscow time each business day, and is targeted at sales desks and traders active in the foreign-exchange markets.

Content is drawn from Newswires' coverage of trading in the U.S. dollar, yen, euro, sterling and Swiss franc markets; economic data and monetary policies; and from Prime-Tass' coverage of trading on the Russian/CIS markets. The material is translated and edited by Prime-Tass' Moscow-based team of specialist translators and editors. DJ Rynki will be the only foreign-exchange news service available in Russian to financial professionals via market-data vendor platforms.

Separately, as a result of the expansion of an existing news-exchange agreement between the two companies, approximately 100 stories a day from the Prime-Tass English-language news service also have been added to Newswires' Financial Wire and Economic Report—considerably expanding the coverage of Russian and CIS companies and markets.

"Interest in trading and investing in Russian companies and markets is growing at an extremely rapid rate world-wide. Meanwhile, in Russia, there is strong demand for real-time financial coverage in Russian both from retail investors via portals and from financial professionals," said Michael Bergmeijer, vice president, international sales and marketing, Dow Jones Newswires. "Our partnership with Prime-Tass has enabled us to respond quickly to these two opportunities."

"We are pleased to announce this latest development in our cooperation with Dow Jones, and believe that DJ Rynki also will prove to be a successful joint project—to the benefit of market professionals in Russia and abroad," said Oleg Ananyev, general director, Prime-Tass.

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