Morgan Stanley connects to ASX Centre Point

Source: Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Australia Securities Limited ("Morgan Stanley") now offers Direct Market Access (DMA) client connectivity to ASX Centre Point Block.

ASX Centre Point Block is a Centre Point service that supports users seeking larger block execution by allowing them to nominate a minimum acceptable fill size to guarantee a meaningful fill for their anonymous block order. It was launched in July 2012.

Morgan Stanley is the seventh ASX Participant to offer its clients DMA routing to this service, joining BTIG, CSLA, ITG, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch and UBS.

Steve Davis, Head of Electronic Execution at Morgan Stanley, said that DMA connectivity is an important element in providing their clients with the best possible service and execution.

"To achieve best execution, we believe it's crucial to offer our clients access to the full suite of execution venues in Australia, so we're pleased to add Direct Market Access to ASX Centre Point Block, to complement our existing product offering. Morgan Stanley will provide client connectivity to ASX Centre Point Block via our Night Vision algorithm." 

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