Bankhawk opens analytics lab in Dublin

Source: Bankhawk

Bankhawk, the financial services company, has opened a new banking analytics lab at the Guinness Enterprise Centre in Dublin.

Using software developed by its team of Computer Science PhDs, the Bankhawk Lab processes data from companies globally helping them to streamline their banking activity, protect their liquidity and safeguard their funds.

Bankhawk Analytics provides companies with intelligence which they can use to optimise their banking activity and generate large savings. The project has been supported by Enterprise Ireland under their High Potential Start Up scheme. Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.

Brian Weakliam, Bankhawk CEO, commented: "Following the banking crisis many companies globally are re-evaluating their banking arrangements. The emergence of new analytics offerings enables companies to analyse their activity much faster and in greater detail. Bankhawk Analytics uses a database of market information to benchmark client banking arrangements and to identify the most appropriate banking structure. This means that companies can ensure that their banking activity is continually optimised."

"Bankhawk Analytics is the culmination of many years' research and development. Treasurers and finance managers can now obtain dashboard style analytics generated using specialised data mining tools, without having to make a large investment in new treasury systems."

Jennifer Condon, Enterprise Ireland Head of International Services and Software, said: "Financial Services is a very important sector for the Irish economy and today's announcement from Bankhawk is very welcome. The company's technology is first class and demonstrates once again that Ireland is a strong base for innovative financial services start-ups. This is the type of high value business that is so important for the growth of the enterprise sector in Ireland".

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