DataCash launches contactless payments system for bars

Source: MasterCard

Payments services provider, DataCash, a MasterCard company, today announces a new contactless payment solution jointly developed with MasterCard, leading hospitality EPoS provider Zonal and Coherent+, specialists in payment terminal product design.

Furthermore Zonal will be featuring a supporting iPhone app ordering system which has been developed via TXD Digital Marketing as is fully integrated with the Zonal EPoS system. Payments will be managed using MasterCard integration and the DataCash Payment Gateway. These solutions bought to market by leading providers in the payments and hospitality space will significantly reduce waiting times in pubs, bars and restaurants. The first live demonstration of the new contactless payment solution and iPhone app ordering system for the hospitality sector will be unveiled at Cartes.

The new contactless solution is to be piloted with selected Zonal customers in the UK in early 2013 and will reduce customer wait times and increase revenue opportunities in busy hospitality environments. Contactless functionality means that customers are able to make payments very simply and quickly by conveniently tapping their card on a terminal, without the overhead of entering a PIN. Convenience is at the heart of this solution as all employed staff will carry these portable terminals on a belt clip meaning that customers have the option of paying for their services on the go from their desired location. The Zonal software solution is also integrated with the iPhone ordering system app enabling customers to order food, drinks and then make payment for these services using the app. Customers are no longer restricted to making payments at their table, or at the bar.

Unlike traditional bank terminals, these new portable devices have been brought to market by Coherent+ for the hospitality market. Terminals are fully integrated with the till system, removing the need to re-key transactions which will also help to reduce any human error. The light weight, water resistant terminals, with robust wireless communication to the base station, will be carried by every member of the bar staff who interacts with customers, removing the need for bar staff to wait for a terminal to becoome available. Given the convenience and speed of service that can now be deployed these solutions are designed to best serve high throughput sales environments in particular during peak trading activity such as the Christmas party season or during key sporting events.

For DataCash, a multi-channel provider, this new solution for the hospitality market is further proof of their commitment to invest in new technologies and their ability to bring to market feature rich, resilient solutions. With strong market understanding and a portfolio of extensive retail brands DataCash is able to work with MasterCard to deliver bespoke solutions for new devices across multiple sectors.

Early indications from merchants have suggested that this new solution is proven as a revenue driving tool given the increase in speed of payment. Bar representatives using the terminals have highlighted that they have been able to increase the number of sales but also suggested that contactless payments are preferable to cash given the simplicity involved with making payments.

"Our new solution for the hospitality industry helps merchants to grow revenue opportunities whilst also creating an enhanced payment experience by increasing convenience and speed of service for end customers. Our partnership approach with specialist providers like Zonal and Coherent+ have proven highly successful in bringing industry-leading solutions to merchants in many different vertical sectors and we look forward to bringing more exciting innovations in to this space in 2013 and beyond," said Wendy Dobson, Head of Partners, Innovation and Multi-Channel for DataCash. 

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