Banco Sabadell launches online 'TV channel'

Source: Banco Sabadell

Banco Sabadell has just launched its own online television channel, accessible via

The bank will offer a wide range of videos featuring its corporate news and highlighting its educational contents, in which sector experts will offer specialised talks on the characteristics of different products and services, current issues affecting the financial markets and possible investment strategies.

The channel will also offer testimonials from the bank's customers, incorporating their experience as a new way of communicating launches of products and services.

Another step forward in the development of Branded Content at Banco Sabadell

The new channel represents another step forward in the activity the bank has been undertaking in brand and audiovisual content development, facilitating access to all of its contents in video format for both existing and potential customers.

In the words of Pol Navarro, the bank's Director of Channels and Innovation: "We are very pleased with the results obtained to date from the creation of videos for online distribution, both in terms of their enthusiastic reception from our customers and the repercussions of our contents, some of which have even gone viral via our YouTube channel. For example, the campaign featuring Pep Guardiola, which made us the channel most visited on the Spanish version of YouTube, or the musical flash mob that we published last July, which has now exceeded seven million visits."

According to Navarro: "The video format makes it easier to offer service through content, in an audiovisual experience that is much more attractive than traditional website pages and which will allow the bank's professionals to share their experience and knowledge."

"Live" training sessions for companies

Without a doubt, one of the online experiences that has performed best for the bank during recent months has been "live" training talks on financial products, open to customer and non-customer companies all over Spain, and this makes us one of the sector's pioneers in broadcasting events in real time online.

Some of these talks have been followed live by hundreds of business executives, who have been able to put their questions to the bank's specialist experts.

"This is a very enriching experience for all parties involved", Navarro affirms. "Companies can resolve their queries easily and in real time... and for the bank it represents an excellent tool for communication and dissemination. Thanks to the broadcasting of events in real time, we have managed to establish conversations with new customers interested in the range of products and services we have on offer."

Taking this policy of offering contents with high added value, the bank is working on the incorporation of important conferences and lectures given by its senior management at different events and forums, as well as the joint creation of contents with third-party companies who are leaders in their business fields. 

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