CQG upgrades Integrated Client

Source: CQG

CQG, Inc. announced today at FIA Expo 2012 the release of CQG Integrated Client version 2013, the version of the year.

With multiple new and improved tools for order execution and market data analysis, this latest version of the company's flagship platform offers traders the most versatile CQG experience to date.

CQG Integrated Client 2013 introduces fresh order entry tools complementing the company's existing trade routing interfaces. Order Desk is a pure order entry tool designed to get traders into the market as quickly as possible. Recognizing brokers' need to manage multiple client accounts, both Order Desk and the Orders and Positions window now offer a subaccounts feature.

"Our development strategy is driven by giving our customers the tools they need to succeed. The version of the year has multiple additions that answer traders' needs," said Josef Schroeter, President of CQG. "We've made enhancements to help customers improve their trading and analytical processes. We also recognize that different types of traders use our products, so we've created advanced trading tools uniquely customized for their preferences."

The version of the year also features multiple upgrades to the Order Ticket and a significantly expanded set of shortcuts for order execution and management directly from the keyboard.

The charting and studies element of CQG Integrated Client adds trading studies that allow trade data, including open trade equity, position, and profit and loss, to be incorporated into the design of custom studies, conditions, and alerts.

In analytics, the addition of Sound Board recalls the visceral indicator of pit noise lost with the transition to electronic exchanges. Sound Board allows traders to set audio cues so that specific market activity does not go unnoticed.

The new version also includes the following enhancements to CQG Spreader, CQG's order management and trade execution platform for spread traders:
• Native or synthetic spread position tracking based upon filled spread orders
• Support for fractional trade ratios in CQG Spreader orders
• Support for multiplication and division in synthetic spread formulas 

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