SkySparc upgrades SkyReport

Source: SkySparc

SkyReport's interface builder can now be used to create import interfaces, in addition to export interfaces, without the need for scripts and coding.

The import capability is part of the latest release of SkyREPORT, the financial reporting, reconciliation, testing and systems integration platform for users of Wallstreet Suite.

The interface builder allows users to specify and build a wide range of interfaces between Wallstreet Suite and other systems to export and import transactions, static data and configuration. It offers a new, fast and interactive method to create interfaces without the need for scripts or coding. This new approach means developers and business users can easily prototype, test and re-test interface requirements, saving valuable time.

The latest SkyREPORT release includes a template feature within the interface builder for users to create custom layouts foroutput files. The interface builder also handles a wide a range of standardfile formats such as XML, CSV, fixed width, etc.

"Getting interfaces right can be a resource intensive, iterative and time consuming process," says Thomas Bergqvist, Partner, SkySparc. "SkyREPORT interface builder totally eliminates the need for coding and provides an agile and cost efficient way to build interfaces."

A number of other significant usability enhancements are also delivered in SkyREPORT 3.9. Running and re-running test cycles has been made easier by the option to add cycle numbers to each test cycle. This means individual test cycles can be immediately identified and isolated, so further cycles may be run and compared without having to re-set the target environment.

Another major enhancement in this release is the new Cube reporting functionality, which is invaluable for automating reporting where multiple variables are required. Cube reporting will fetch any specified data through multiple dimensions and create the reports automatically, without intervention.

"Our clients use SkyREPORT for a wide range of automation, testing and integration requirements and often engage our consultants on specific proojects and change programmes," says Bergqvist. "We draw on this experience base to constantly update and enhance SkyREPORT to meet more of our users' requirements and adapt even better to their system landscape."

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