IntelliFlo connects to Fidelity FundsNetwork

Source: Fidelity FundsNetwork

Fidelity FundsNetwork today announces that it has successfully designed and launched an integration link with IntelliFlo, the back-office software system provider, to offer electronic client valuations to advisers.

The link enables Intelliflo users to download individual client valuation data for accounts held on FundsNetwork. This follows the recent launch of a similar integration service with Prestwood Software. FundsNetwork also offers links with 1st, FAIRS, MSG and Plum. FundsNetwork's electronic valuation services will be extended later in the year, when the platform intends to launch product wrappers - namely an onshore bond and a SIPP.

Rob Fisher, head of marketing at FundsNetwork, said: "We are delighted to be partnering with IntelliFlo. This relationship, and the investment it represents, are part of our wider strategy to integrate the platform into advisers' own back office systems. Advisers find electronic valuation services extremely useful and a real time saver. In the eight weeks running up to the end of the 2004-2005 ISA season, we received over 37,000 individual valuation requests from users of the major back-office systems. This level of traffic has been sustained over the first eight weeks of the new tax year, proving the demand is there."

Nick Eatock, CEO of IntelliFlo, said: "Strong integration with key strategic partners such as FundsNetwork is significantly enhancing our users' experience of the Intelligent Office software. We are delighted to add FundsNetwork to our list of rapidly growing integrations for our 4,000 users."

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